This report is commisioned by World Expression Forum, WEXFO, as a part of their project
“Youth’s Participation in Society”. “Youth’s Partcipation in Society” aims to increase young
people’s participation in democracy through the sharing of knowledge about the challenges
and successful measures that can be taken.
This report presents a theoretical framework for understanding youth participation. It provides
examples of challenges and opportunities experienced by young people in connection
to their participation in society. It also presents examples of projects aimed at facilitating
youth participation in different countries across the globe. The report also includes a discussion
on how Norwegian and international projects address the opportunities and challenges
facing young people seeking to make use of their right to express themselves and participate
in society.
Work on this report commenced in March 2022 and was completed in October 2022.

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Youth’s participation in society – examples of initiatives implemented to improve participation | (rapportnr. 202226)

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