Trude Hella Eide is Head of Research at The Eastern Norway Research Institute (ENRI). She is leading the research group working on welfare, organization and community research (WOC). Eide’s research work has mainly focused on the three themes: learning in organizations, diversity and gender equality in working life and school, and students’ learning processes through the entrepreneurial method. Trude Hella Eide has long and wide experience with the use of qualitative approaches in research, and she has a lot of expertise in follow-up evaluations and process management. She is one of the researchers in the Erasmus+project “Innovation cluster for entrepreneurship education” (ICEE), assigned by the European Commission and running from 2015 to 2018, where she is responsible for the qualitative case studies that are conducted in five countries.

 You can reach her at 0047-95923285 or

Vegard Johansen is Research Professor at ENRI and currently leading the research in «Innovation cluster for entrepreneurship education», assigned by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program. This three year education policy experiment takes place in five European countries, and the partnership involves 14 organizations and about 100 people. Johansen is also an expert in “European Entrepreneurship Education Network”, assigned by the European Commission through the COSME program.

You can reach him at 0047-90743388 or