Mountain areas

Kick-off Horizon 2020-project SIMRA

Scientists from across Europe and the wider Mediterranean area met at the James Hutton Institute on May 23-26, Aberdeen, at the start of a 4 year project addressing Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA). This project is supported with more than €5.57m from the...Les mer
Mountain areas

Candidate for Board mountain network Euromontana

Senior researcher Tor Arnesen is one of three Norwegian candidates for the Board of Directors of Euromontana. This European network of mountain regions represents around 75 member organizations in 20 European countries. It would be the first time a Norwegian research institute is represented on...Les mer

A bioeconomy strategy for Eastern Norway

Eastern Norway aims to take a national position as a bioeconomy region. Eastern Norway Research Institute will lead the secretariat for the strategy work on this. 'Bioeconomy- strategy and measures for Eastern Norway' is a collaboration between the Hedmark and Oppland County Councils. - The aim...Les mer

National Norwegian festival statistics 2014

-Many people believe that music festivals are primarily live of subsidies, but this study shows a somewhat different picture, says researcher Birgitta Ericsson at Eastern Norway Research Institute. She has analyzed the figures for the Norwegian 'National Festival Statistics', which are collected on behalf of...Les mer

ENRI will lead European mini-company project

What impact do mini-companies have on students, schools and society as a whole? How to increase the amount of students who participate in mini-companies? What kind of hindrances and drivers can we identify? Eastern Norway Research Institute (ENRI) will the next three years be leading...Les mer