The main topics of this paper which was presented at the 11th European Conference on Traumatic Stress (ECOTS) in Oslo on June 15-17 2009 are to explore the concepts of multiple and repeat victimization with regard to violence suffered by women with physical disabilities; and to understand why some groups of people are victimized more frequently than others. In part one of this paper, I introduce the concept of multiple victimization, poly-victimization and repeat victimization together with a typology of violence grounded in the collective experience of the women in my qualitative study. I then illustrate my use of these concepts with some cases from this study. In part two, I explore different ways of understanding this type of violence with a specific focus on the theoretical perspective of intersectionality and on the value of using this concept in the analysis of power relations in abusive situations. I end the paper with some concluding remarks.

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Multiple and Repeat Victimization of Women with Physical Disabilities | (report no. 201007)

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