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Changing the narrative of refugee inclusion

“It is not about either basic needs OR social integration. These two are parallel processes that can help one another”, says Mari Bjerck, researcher at Eastern Norway Research Institute and involved in SIMRAs Innovation Action (IA) in the rural area of Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. Recently Bjerck presented SIMRA and the Norwegian IA at Social Innovation for… Les mer »

Kick-off Horizon 2020-project SIMRA

Scientists from across Europe and the wider Mediterranean area met at the James Hutton Institute on May 23-26, Aberdeen, at the start of a 4 year project addressing Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA). This project is supported with more than €5.57m from the European Union’s (EU) Horizon 2020 Programme, and aims to address… Les mer »

Candidate for Board mountain network Euromontana

Senior researcher Tor Arnesen is one of three Norwegian candidates for the Board of Directors of Euromontana. This European network of mountain regions represents around 75 member organizations in 20 European countries. It would be the first time a Norwegian research institute is represented on the board. Euromontana works to promote living mountains areas and… Les mer »